The Court Reporting Academy, Inc., combines traditional knowledge and skills development practices with emerging technologies and techniques to prepare aspiring and current court reporting professionals for on-going success as the court reporting industry transforms itself through advanced technologies. TCRA’s training and mentorship team has over 100 years’ experience in successfully preparing individuals to be highly qualified court reporting professionals. The Academy’s courses include digital and stenographic reporting as well as digital and stenographic scoping programs. The Court Reporting Academy is a proud platinum sponsor and supporter of AAERT.



Transcribe Anywhere is pleased to partner with The Court Reporting Academy to provide the prerequisite skills needed to succeed in the legal and general transcription industry. The training focuses on equipment and how to use it, all of the various forms and formats used in the industry, comprehensive instruction in English grammar and punctuation, tons of real-world practice files, proofreading skills, one-on-one support, and all of the tools and resources needed to find work as professional transcribers. AAERT waives the two-year work experience requirement for TA grads wishing to sit for the CET certification exam and offers 2.1 CEUs to those completing training with TA. Interested participants are invited to visit TA at https://transcribeanywhere.com.


VoiceScript, Inc., is a legal technology leader providing innovative AI-enabled court reporter and legal transcription and editing software. The company’s Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions have been adopted by a fast-growing community of large, mid-market and smaller court reporting agencies as well as independent reporters, legal transcribers, editors and proofers. VoiceScript solutions empower agencies and independent practitioners alike to deliver better products and services, faster, and at significantly lower production costs.

VoiceScript is a proud sponsor of The Court Reporting Academy and AAERT.



For Experienced Legal Transcriptionists. The Digital Scopist course will quickly train skilled transcribers to efficiently edit and proof AI produced rough-draft legal transcripts into a final or near-final-ready legal transcripts. The course is designed for experienced legal transcribers and scopists who want to expand their knowledge and skills in order to utilize the latest technology to produce legal transcripts faster and more efficiently.  If you already know how to produce a legal transcript, you do not need to take the “Basics of a Legal Transcript” module and can go straight to the technology and practical training modules.  Most participants are able to get through this part of the course within 15 to 20 hours including practice sessions and exams.

For Experienced General Transcriptionists. The course is also perfect for individuals without direct legal transcript experience. If you are already a proficient transcriber, and have good listening skills, can type 40 or more words per minute, have a good command of English and grammar and are attentive to detail, then the Digital Scoping course will prepare you to be a qualified digital scopist, ready to start working in the legal and court reporting industry. In order to succeed in the course, you will need to start with the Basics of a Legal Transcript module prior to starting the technology and practical training part of the course.  The average non-legal trained transcriptionist can typically get through both the knowledge based and practical modules within 30 to 40 hours.

In only a few hours of self-paced online learning and practice, you will significantly improve your transcription efficiency.  Many digital scoping course participants are now able to produce legal or general transcripts 2 to 4 times faster by leveraging the methodologies and tools learned in the course.


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