Digital Scopist


30-40 Hours


1 Final






A Digital Scopist is trained to take rough-draft legal transcripts produced by speech-to-text technology and edit the transcript into a final or near-final-ready version. Our Digital Scoping course is designed for experienced legal transcribers and scopists who want to expand their knowledge and skills to utilize the latest technology for producing legal transcripts increasing productivity.

This course is also perfect for those without experience producing legal transcripts, but who possess expertise and skills in transcribing from audio files and would like to expand their knowledge and skills to be marketable as a Digital Scopist to the legal transcription community. This course is also designed to train someone with good English and grammar skills with attention to detail, to make first-pass edits to the rough-draft transcript before passing it onto the team that will take it across the finish line.

Prerequisites for this course

An above-mastery of the English language, grammar skills, punctuation rules, and attention to detail. You must have a good ear for listening to recorded legal proceedings necessary for producing a verbatim transcript.

Required Equipment List

A Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer, quality speakers or headphones (earbuds), and a standard USB foot pedal (highly recommended but not mandatory).